The spirit finds a way to be born.
Instinct seeks for ways to survive.


By allowing herself the space to observe and let go she creates with no idea what will appear on the canvas.

"I sketch what I feel not what I see"

As an intuitive artist I must remain open,honest and true. If I don't I feel that I cannot and will not evolve as an artist. This means every day Im fighting to dissolve blockages, this can become extremely tiering. 

 For those of you who love my art and feel a strong connection to me please remain open. By allowing this energy of truth to resinate between us you will help my art evolve to the next level. 

Thank You (:

Tracey is now busy creating Paintings from her daily sketch designs.

"I love both sketching and painting but have recently been focused on my daily sketches. Converting the sketches to paintings has been exciting. It feels like a natural transition from sketch to paint. It made me realise I've missed the bright vibrant colours. I'm excited to share what I create, a beautiful ART story "

Artist - Tracey Hickmott 


All paintings Tracey creates will be shared here first. 

Tracey has been approached by galleries whom have expressed great interest in exhibiting her work. For now, she is focusing on creating without obligation but is open to displaying her work in the future.

For All Art Enquiries - Contact Tracey below