The spirit finds a way to be born.
Instinct seeks for ways to survive.


By allowing herself the space to observe and let go she creates with no idea what will appear on the canvas.

Creating a sketch every day does not mean Tracey is satisfied with the standard of every single sketch. A sketch a day is A sketch a day, somedays as she intuitively sketch's she's surprised by what comes and feel 's really happy with the sketch. Then there are days Tracey feel she has no  artistic ability at all and has no idea of the randomness of her art, after receiving compliments from others shehas learnt to let go of her perfectionism and she try"s not to judge what comes as she now understand that as she continue's to evolve, her art will continue to evolve also. Always reminding herself that its the journey that is her story. 

"Art comes through not from, if you feel a true connection to my art, trust it"