A devoted mother of four children who struggled with agoraphobia for almost a Decade. Home was her safe place. Spending so much time at home did bring two life-changing positives. One, a closeness with her children with whom she continues to have an undeniably “present” relationship with. Two, she discovered her freedom through art. Through art came the realisation that she was never entirely in one spot, only her physical being was

Art became therapy for her Soul. It gave Tracey an outlet to express what she repressed. It's cliche to say, but her art gave her a window to be free. This freedom she now uses to walk outside with courage, and she has a clear sense of purpose.To release other’s creativity via her Intuitive painting technique, whereby she can capture that which your own Soul is yearning to say.

I truely believe everything is connected, there is never a separation from anyone or anything. We are never alone.”


A message from my Daughter

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