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By my daughter Jane Pennant

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a few learnings from my mother


“Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” – Erich Fromm


Today is mother’s day. A day of celebrating our givers of life. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful relationship with mine, she has so far shown and taught me unlimited amounts... here are a few reasons why I am forever grateful.

Unconditional Love

Mum didn’t leave the house for the first few (around 10), and most important years of my life. Although she wasn’t going through the best of times personally, she never made this evident to us kids. The majority of my little years were filled completely to the brim with unconditional loving presence. This concreted for me from a young age that in my world, unconditional love was the essence of life. It acts as a baseline now, like a sort of compass. As I understand how it feels and am aware that it is never going anywhere, I am able to use it to gage whether I am in true alignment with where I am and who I am surrounded by. By showing me consistent, unconditional love… I am now able to become it and give it; to all things around me.


A lot of the conversations were silent, energy based and never in falsehood. As she spent so much time at home and continuously living from truth, this allowed me to observe the energy and respond based on how it was feeling. I got to know how to understand people on a deeper level, to feel their wants and needs, their joy and their sadness… I learnt to adjust how I communicate based upon who I was communicating with and the state they were in at the present moment. I learned to value wordless connection and mutual understanding, and now appreciate whenever I cross paths with another who does also. I learnt that what I feel isn’t always mine and the importance of being able to differentiate between the two.


She would never (and still never to this day) speak bad about anybody with malice… nor point out any flaws in either people close to us or strangers. Mum has the ability to see the light in everybody and always brings the best parts of people to the surface. Having observed this and from noticing how good it feels when the people around you are also feeling good, it showed me that living from a place of judgement was simply not a wise choice. As I chose to see the unfiltered truth of those around me, I understand just how similar we are and that ‘different’ is good. I now enjoy connecting to all types of beautiful people. I found that with the removal of any judgement, towards self and others, all that is left is goodness.



Thank you Mum for listening, for guiding and for loving.